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Why I’m A Dream Coach

Before the readings, before the collaboration with my dream team, before my one-on-one meeting with my dream coach, my “dreams” were really just random thoughts. Now, I have actually lined up my arrows, and I have them all headed in the same direction. The readings prompted my thinking, the team motivated me, and my dream coach held me accountable. I now have this overarching peace. I have broken my routine thinking of “maybe."

TomProject Manager

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My Coaching Perspective

Professional Credentials

  • Certified Dream Manager

  • Master of Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Management

Community Involvement

  • Lakeland Christian Academy

  • Raise The Dough, Inc.

  • Junior Achievement USA

When I started the Dream Again program I did so because of the way working and talking through my dreams invigorated me. It got me thinking not just about living paycheck to paycheck or from weekend to weekend, but about what I really wanted to do. I found that having a trusted partner to talk over my dreams and provide guidance and support, took my dreams from my head to achievable goals.

JeffPrincipal Quality Engineer

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