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SaraProject Manager

Before dream coaching, I was working on a personal development plan, but…I had forgotten to dream big with my heart in other areas. Dream coaching helped me take a more well-rounded view of my life, plans for the future, what my dreams are, what the dreams of others around me are, and how I can take steps toward pursuing some of those dreams tied more to relationships and emotions than practical matters. As a result, I’ve been deepening and strengthening my relationships as I pursue my dreams.

JustineQuality Engineer

One of the great things about the Dream Again program is that I meet with my dream coach on a regular basis, and this provides me with a good sense of accountability. In general, I am a pretty self-motivated person, but it definitely also helps to have a coach who will hold me accountable for the goals I set and encourage me to reach even further. I also like how the program is structured…this helps me develop in specific physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual areas each month which works better for me than trying to focus on everything all the time. I’ve been participating in the Dream Again program for over 6 months, and I’m proud to say I’ve created a list of 100 dreams, achieved or made progress towards many of them, and overall developed a greater sense of self-confidence and personal purpose.

BelindaClient Support Analyst

Now, nine months [after the book club]…my dream list has grown from 13 items to 85. I have a personal mission statement to guide me when the path gets rocky. I had a partner on this journey for 12 months to ask me the tough questions. Tobe has asked me to engage in the pieces of my life I disengaged from for so long. I have surfed with my son in Costa Rica. I have flown in a hot air balloon with my best friend. I have written letters to my family and started journaling again. I started yoga and have practiced a total of 2,345 minutes so far. I have remained debt free for five months. I bought myself a pottery wheel and clay, and I’m learning to bring out the creative side of my brain by making lopsided bowls. I decided that I’m worth it. My dreams are worth it.

TomProject Manager

Before the readings, before the collaboration with my dream team, before my one-on-one meeting with my dream coach, my “dreams” were really just random thoughts. Now, I have actually lined up my arrows, and I have them all headed in the same direction. The readings prompted my thinking, the team motivated me, and my dream coach held me accountable. I now have this overarching peace. I have broken my routine thinking of “maybe.”

KrisDirector of Client Solutions

Working with my Dream Coach has taught me that no matter the dream, big or small, writing it down holds me accountable for achieving our goals. When I first began putting my dreams to paper, it seemed random – a bunch of unorganized pieces to a puzzle — but pieces of the same puzzle, nonetheless. The Dream Again program is helping me understand how those pieces fit together.

JeffPrincipal Quality Engineer

When I started the Dream Again program I did so because of the way working and talking through my dreams invigorated me. It got me thinking not just about living paycheck to paycheck or from weekend to weekend, but about what I really wanted to do. I found that having a trusted partner to talk over my dreams and provide guidance and support, took my dreams from my head to achievable goals.

KylieDirector of Finance

Dreaming is an opportunity to put a personal meaning behind the work we do every day. So often we spend time with our employers, our family, and our friends but not enough on ourselves. Working with a dream coach to identify your dreams is a great tool to unlock something for YOU! Nothing is better than accomplishing your first small dream, then another, and another. Before you know it, you have a plan to accomplish the big dream that you never thought could become a reality.