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Tobe Forshtay Posted by: Tobe Forshtay 2 years ago

What is Dream Coaching, you ask? That’s a great question. 

Do you remember when you were a child, being born into a world where you were given permission to imagine?

Many of us played for hours with cardboard boxes and sticks and Legos and figurines. We play-acted, making up all kinds of wild scenarios and taking on an infinite number of roles.

We were imagining what life could be like and even making it real for a moment. 

Some kids never really grow up. They continue to live a life full of imagination and possibility.

And the ones who dare greatly to pursue those ends achieve victory and accomplishments that people write stories about and produce movies over. We want to tell these stories because we know how they inspire us. 

But for the vast majority of us, as we began walking through our teenage years and into our 20s, we tasted victories, yes, but we also experienced losses and sorrow and brokenness and the growing pressures and responsibilities that come as we grow up and start careers and families.

We find ourselves laying dreams and possibilities aside to do the responsible thing and just taking care of what each moment presents to us.

As we address the urgent, we slowly forget that we have dreams, and we slowly lay aside those possibilities in our lives. Pretty soon we’re walking through life aimlessly, not realizing we’ve fallen asleep to what could be.

We’ve waived the white flag. We’ve surrendered to responsibility, and we’re no longer dreamers.

I think I waived my own flag and retired my dreams in my 20s — the responsibilities in my life choked out my dreams. But I reawakened to them when I encountered a book that called me back to dreaming.

Entrepreneur Matthew Kelly wrote The Dream Manager, in order to tell the true story of an organization that recognized it had a team of employees who were no longer dreaming.

However, when care, listening, and empathy arrived on the scene…when dreams were identified and activated and team members realized that they were being cared for holistically, it turned the organization around in a very profound way.

Dream Coaching

Through dream coaching, this same transformation has happened countless times in organizations small and large, in every sector, and all over the world. Dream coaching’s consistency in producing substantial outcomes inspired me to become certified in the Dream Manager Program. 

I’ve been helping people realize their dreams for a decade now, and I am more than enthusiastic about the prospects of helping you rediscover your dreams.

Whether you want a one-on-one coaching experience or you want to consider offering dream coaching as an employee benefit to your organization, I’d love to talk to you about it.

Stop Hesitating

Don’t lay aside your dreams any longer. Don’t dismiss them or discredit the power they have. Your dreams have transformative power in this life, and they will cause you to embrace moments in uncommon, significant, and rewarding ways. 

So how about it? Would you agree, perhaps, that it’s time to wake up and dream again?